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A thread lift is a nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedure that passes threads beneath the surface of your skin, to lift the tissue. The threads may have tiny barbs or cones that help grip the skin. When appropriately positioned, they give your face a more lifted, toned appearance, especially around the lower face and jowls. 

As the threads are absorbed over the first six months, they also trigger a boost in your natural collagen production that can improve your skin’s firmness for up to a year. 

The procedure has been dubbed a “lunchtime lift” because it’s quick, with minimal downtime, especially compared to a surgical facelift. It may also be referred to as a PDO thread lift (for polydioxanone, a dissolvable material also used in sutures). And it’s sometimes called a sugar lift, since the threads are made from long chains of a polysaccharide, a sugar.

  • Eye Open 360 PDO Threads
  • Assufil Italy Threads HD PDO 1/2 Face Lift
  • Assufil Italy threads HD PDO Full Face Lift
  • Browns Lift PDO
  • HD Neck  PDO Threads 
  • PDO Lips enhancement 
  • Full Body (Butt,knees,Breast,arms)
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