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 Permanent Make-Up and Microblading 
Who Benefits and What can be done?

Men and Women of all ages who want to save time 24 hours a day living in beauty and comfort will absolutely fall in love with our new generation of permanent make-up. Anyone who is allergic to conventional make up or for those who have hair loss/spacing in their eyebrows, even shape by over tweezed or hormone changes are great candidates for our microblading advanced technology! Also, for lip discoloration, permanent make up will recreate and give you a more full and vibrant look to your everyday natural face!

AdobeStock_122438260-compressor microbla

Microblading is one of the most requested services!

The results look so natural and you will never be caught again without eyebrows. After applying anesthetic cream, each strand of hair is drawn one by one giving the complete illusion of real eyebrows! Strokes are applied with a Blade or a  permanent make up pen with a organic pigment special for Microblading, on the same day you will be able back to work.

Simple like that!

  • Lip liner
  • Full Lip
  • Lip pencil and lipstick rub off when eating, kissing etc.

  • Lips too thin

  • Lips asymmetrical

  • Lips too pale

  • Scars resulting from a accident

  • Badly or undefined outline ​

  • Eyebrows 
  • Eyeliner


  • Too light or fair

  • Broken by a scar

  • Badly Positioned or asymmetrical 

  • Eyebrows too low or drooping

  • Lack of Eyebrows 

  • ​Eyeliner

  • For a deeper more seductive look

  • When eyelashes are too fair

  • When eyelashes are scant or lacking

  • Who eyes are inclined to water in the wind,cold,light etc..



Natural Areolas






3D Areolas



  • To camouflage scars following surgery for reduction or enlargement

  • To recreate Areola

  • To give the illusion of nipples 

  • To darken pale Areola

  • To enlarge small Areola

  • To redefine irregular outlines

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